SHU Rugby Making of Nude Calendar Film 2020 FHD

Release Year: 2022

Filmed in 2019, these are all 4 parts of the Making Of film for the SHU Rugby 2020 calendar. They’ve been making these calendars a long time (since the early 00s) and it was originally linked to Sheffield Hallam University (SHU).
This is a cheap and nasty version of the Warwick Rowers films for the making of their naked calendars. There’s a wide mixture of body types in this film although not much ethnic diversity.¬†
Considering the price, how long they’ve been doing it, and the hour of footage, there should be a LOT more nudity. All of them spend virtually the entire film with their hands (or stupid random objects) over their cocks, clutching on for dear life. Clearly the makers of the film haven’t made any sort of agreement with any of them that they’ve got to do a full frontal.
The guys are very natural and ordinary looking rather than the perfect bodies adonis Warwick Rower types. Some of these ones look like they live on a diet of kebabs and special brew, which is why it’s such a shame that they’re so shy. There’s something authentic about the lads… people who live in a very different world from a lot of gay men. They could all do really well with this if they got their act together.

Camera work throughout is infuriating. The whole thing has been rendered at 25fps which almost gives you a headache looking at it and blurs everything with rapid motion. The cameras are swung around all over the place and there’s no regard to lighting or framing. People are walking or standing right in front of the camera at times and no one seems to direct or challenge anyone.

If you like average bodied British straight lads larking around, particularly their arses, then you’ll love this. One or two look like they have a dirty crack though! There are some hot guys with small cocks who aren’t too shy. Worth downloading to have a look at but don’t pay for this one. The 2018 was miles better, if their regular customers disappear faster than their student loans, they’ll nail it again in 2021.

Total size: 5.8 GB in 4 files.

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