Satyr Films – Cum Filled Manholes – Volumes 1 to 4

Satyr Films – Cum Filled Manholes 1
These straight men are willing to do anything for some fast cash. They’ll have their asses prepped then banged and take a full load of jizz in their previously virgin asses! You won’t believe how far these guys are willing to go or how much they like it once they do! Totally hot and hardcore video!

Satyr Films – Cum Filled Manholes 2
Directors Chad Ryan and Nick Cutts brought together more dick-crazed cum sluts that live for having their greedy asses plowed, pummelled, and filled with freshly churned man-cum to overflowing! The bigger the load…the better it feels as it sloshes and gurgles in their gaping holes!

Satyr Films – Cum Filled Manholes 3
Directors Chad Ryan and Nick Cutts and put together another group of dirty minded (if not demented) horny men. It’s quite obvious that this was Chad’s first time. He was moaning just from having a finger up his ass at first. Of course, Satyrs know no bounds. Chad probably has one of the most beautiful butts we have ever seen. It was perfectly tanned and hairless. Rock wasted no time in introducing dildos and his legendary man-meat. Chad’s face looked like it was going to explode as Rock throat-fucked him for good measure. It was not long before we filled Chad’s hole with our stainless hook. Naturally, one hook was not enough so we shoved another 10 inch up his ass. Rock then fucked Chad with both hooks up his ass. Chad is plowed without abandon for a good length of time. While Rock’s fat rod goes in and out of that sweet asshole Rock shoves his hand into Chad’s mouth. For a straight guy, Chad has been from both ends. If only his wife could see him now!

Satyr Films – Cum Filled Manholes 4
Welcome Back! We brought you more straight hunks ready to be used to pay the bills! Directors Chad Ryan and Nick Cutts have rounded up another batch of “sort of willing” guys who get their butt holes drilled and filled to overflowing in some intense butt-stretching bareback sex. Plenty of cum eating and toys too!

Format: mp4
Video: 960×640

Total size: 9.0 GB in 4 files.

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