Mateo Fernandez fucks Atlas Grant’s asshole (480p,720p)

Cast: Mateo Fernandez, Atlas Grant
Genres: Bareback, Anal, Oral, Muscle, Tattoos, Hairy, Smooth, Interracial, Doggy Style, Riding, Facial

Atlas was horny for some straight cock. His girl friend Natasha would help him to get some. They drove to the college to pick up a handsome student. They spotted Mateo who was into computer science. Natasha persuaded him to get into the van, promising sex. Atlas pretended to be her body guard. She blindfolded Mateo for the blowjob. Quick switch. Instead of a girl sucking Mateo Atlas went for that young cock. Only when Atlas tried to put a cock ring around that penis Mateo pulled off the blindfold and realized he was getting blown by a male. He was upset, he wanted to leave. But the producer promised he could fuck the girl and get $2000 on top of it, if he just tried some male ass. $2000 is a lot of money at college. So in the end Mateo went for it and after a while he liked it. He fucked Atlas in , in missionary, in cowboy. In the end he came all over Atlas’s beard. Obviously they found a pretext to get Mateo out of the van and left him stranded.

Total size: 2.5 GB in 1 files.

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