Master Will & Master Ross fuck Greedy Ross’ holes (540p)

Cast: Master Will. Master Ross, Greedy Ross
Genres: oral, anal, condom, deepthroat, rimming

Handsome new Master Will is joined by equally psychotic new Master Ross for this vicious session of mistreating feeble sub elliott. Wearing football gear, the two dominant youngsters find the sub completely nude and proceed to damage and humiliate him.

They thrash him with a belt, order him to lick their boots and feet, kick and pull him around and then take it in turns to sit on his worthless face. A pair of dildos appear and the tops ram them both deep into the sub’s mouth first before turning him around and thrusting them both up his loose arsehole. The Masters use him as a human urinal before both getting harsh blow jobs off him until he reams from sucking too much big dick!

Vicious Masters Ross and Will return to fuck the living daylights out of their feeble sub elliott. The big-dicked pair find the worm completely nude and meekly waiting for the harsh session to begin.

The snarling tops take it in turns to order the sub to suck their cocks before horny Master Will turns the sub around and plows his fat cock deep into his loose rear. As he pumps away Master Ross uses the runt’s mouth to satisfy him and his equally impressive dick. Greedy Ross eventually gets his turn to fuck the sub before he quickly pumps his thick load into the exhausted sub’s weak gob. He barks orders at the sub who has to swallow down the jizz. This excites the other Master who finishes fucking the worm before he also spunks into the face of the embarrassed guy below him. Ross watches on with a sneering smile on his lips.

Total size: 633.1 MB in 1 files.

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