Entry Club 2: The Unmasking (2002)

Release Year: 2002
Studio: Puppy Productions
Cast: Thomas Bjorn, Sergio Real, Scott Bradley, Mike Austin, Kajal and Lorenzo, Kim Cantrail
Genres: Gay, Threesome, Bareback, DILF, Bodybuilder, Couples
Video language: English

Puppy Productions is proud to present the sequel to the smash hit " Entry" Club with " Entry" Club II: The UnMasking. The UnMasking takes you on a journey with Fuck Veteran Thomas Bjorn and his 8" monster cock. He soon finds himself in the middle of a hunt for a rapist on the loose as he reports the story. By night he’s a fierce fuck monster and by day a reporter.
He is joined in a Raw Fuck Fest with Brazilian Stud Sergio Real and his cock of . Sergio follows Thomas one night when he decides to grab Kajal on his way home and pulls him into his garage. Kajal’s ass and mouth takes a RAW beating from Thomas while Sergio watches with his exploding cock. Then Sergio decides to join Thomas and fills Kajal’s ass with his Brazilian Meat. After Thomas and Sergio use him, they leave and discuss about another guy that Thomas knows.
Lorenzo, a hot buffed Marine with a bubble butt gets a surprise when Sergio threatens him until he gives in to his bareback cock. In this scene the two Lorenzo’s virgin ass till he explodes into a ragging orgasm, not before Thomas plants one of his unusual big loads all over his asshole and shoves it back in for more pleasure.
Mike Austin gets a surprise when he gets out of his Jacuzzi. Thomas is waiting for him unrepentantly in the dark. Austin doesn’t put up much of a fight, he soon figures out he is over powered not only by muscle but his desire for Bjorn’s Monster Cock. The last scene introduces up and coming star Scott Bradley. After Thomas breaks into his house and blindfolds him, Scott tries to cry his way out of it. Thomas will have nothing to do with that and knows all he wants is his fresh twink bubble butt around his throbbing cock. Scott tries to escape but Bjorn grabs him by the hair and makes him submit to his desires. Scott gets two loads from Bjorn, then leaves him. After being used Scott turns over after Thomas leaves and strokes his cock until he shoots his load thinking of Bjorn’s cock in his mouth and ass.
Don’t have the phone next to you when you watch this movie, you might not know whether to call the cops or shoot your load. And you will definitely want to lock your doors and windows when you go to bed. The surprise ending will leave you breathless and wanting more. If you like fantasizing about male gay , then this will be a favorite in your bareback collection.
By day, Thomas Bjorn is a TV journalist reporting on the case of a serial rapist victimizing the Hillcrest, California area. By night, he has a secret — he is that rapist! " Entry Club II: The Unmasking," the sequel to " Entry Club," continues Bjorn’s terrorization of male asses in the area.
Just minutes after he does a live late-night news feature on the rapist, Thomas heads home and claims another booty. Wearing a mask, he jumps out of the bushes and attacks Kajal. He takes him inside Kajal’s garage and him to get on his knees and service his dick. After Thomas blindfolds him, Kajal goes to work on Thomas’ huge cock. Of course, Thomas talks trash to his victim. What he doesn’t know is that Sergio has been wandering by and pops in the garage to see what all the clamor is about. Turned on, Sergio pulls out his meat and strokes as Thomas asserts his power. Then Sergio joins in, and the rapist makes the lad take Sergio’s dick down his gulley while Thomas moves to his backside. Sergio slaps his meat in Kajal’s face, while Thomas mounts his rear. When he works his way in, he gives Kajal a typically mean fuck. Then Sergio takes over and does the same, giving Kajal an equally potent banging. (In this and subsequent scenes, the rapists fuck without condoms.)
When Sergio and Thomas have used the captive’s back and front, Thomas cums while Kajal is licking his nuts. Kajal runs his tongue along Sergio’s thigh and groin area until the Brazilian explodes as well, his body drenched with perspiration. As the rapists leave, Thomas warns Kajal not to tell anyone.
They talk afterwards and Sergio tells his new friend how turned on he was by the assault. They decide to do it again. This time, Sergio becomes the ringleader, attacking Lorenzo, a buff Marine. There is a struggle, with the Marine resisting before Sergio’s might ultimately takes over. Sergio his lower body over the Marine until his dick is stabbing at his mouth. Thomas has been outside the whole time and suddenly comes in, jumping on Lorenzo. The Marine’s ass is tight and Thomas berates him to loosen it up. He manages, with some difficulty, to stick his erection inside, Lorenzo raising his ass as he is . Sergio and Thomas make him their pussy boy, Thomas atop him slamming inside. The two swap positions, and after slapping Lorenzo’s bubble-butt a few times, Sergio takes the hole, his pants pulled around his calves, his legs split wide. Thomas watches the ensuing action in a mirror in the bedroom, as he face-fucks Lorenzo. The highlight here is when Thomas pounds Lorenzo again, pulls out and cums, and then storms inside Lorenzo’s ass one final time.
Some time later, blond Mike Austin, stepping out of his Jacuzzi, is attacked by Thomas and used. Mike proves to have a deep throat and butt, and practically purrs as the big-dicked Thomas makes him worship his hefty piece of meat. Grabbing a lawn chair, Mike lets Thomas bang him standing, then sits on the cock and takes it up him in a few other positions as well. Mike practically has a boner from the moment he is grabbed from behind.
The final assault takes place on Scott Bradley. He, too, is a blond but with a more muscular and hairy body. He cries when Thomas breaks in and climbs atop him, but his sobbing does no good. Scott puts up a fight but cannot overcome his attacker. Thomas uses his typical modus operandi — making his "boy" gag on his many inches a few minutes before popping it in his backside. Scott’s reaction changes a few times. For most of the scene he believably resists, but at one point as Thomas pokes him missionary, Scott whimpers and almost seems to be enjoying the thrusts, before he weeps and cries out again. Thomas tirelessly his hardon back and forth in Scott’s butt until he squirts on the bottom’s cheeks. After Thomas leaves, though, Bradley jacks off at what has just happened.
The sequences are presented somewhat as fantasies — often with little resistance from the "victims." Kajal and Mike Austin especially take to the action, and Thomas is one hung and specimen. The man knows how to fuck, showing his holes no mercy or subtlety, and the addition of Sergio Real is an inspired one. That said, the nature of the production lends itself to the predictable. The fucking is hot but there is little variety or reciprocity. " Entry Club II: The Unmasking" ends with something of a cliffhanger, however. As Thomas hears on the television that police have a suspect, he hears sirens in his yard and then gets a knock on his door. Has Thomas been nabbed — or will he meet his match? Perhaps those questions will be answered if a third installment is released.

Total size: 2.7 GB in 4 files.

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