Domination Wrestling 2

Studio: On Top Productions
Video language: English

Play hard. A new series of full muscle-studs taking on everyone from helpless young twinks, to equally butch opponents. Get out your mats and tissues, and let the games begin! Match One – JUST SQUEEZE ME Serious wrestling is in store when beefy Paul Carrigan takes on sinewy Steve Shannon. This is a fast-moving action-packed bout between two well-matched boys. Paul starts out the match thinking he`s on top and using an array of tough scissors holds and kneebreakers to secure that position, only to discover the true meaning of stiff competition. LET`S SEE WHO SUCKS DICK starts right out in the meat of the matter with two ripped boys – the lumpy Rob Steel and bumpy Chris Dano – completely naked. The two struggle to prove which is better, traditional wrestling or street fighting. Who wins? We`re not telling. But the moral of the story is: Sometimes pride isn`t the hardest thing to swallow.I LET YOU WIN Down and dirty is where the overpowering Mark Mason and wily Collin Jennings go

Total size: 2.1 GB in 3 files.

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