Discipline4boys – Collection 7

Collection of films from the now-defunct discipline4boys (2005-2010). Some films has already been inserted in the GT. There are also films that were not available. I warn you ! Because of the subject (bdsm, spanking, needles, humiliation), the images are dramatic. Only for fans of the genre!

Punished Burglar 1

Punished Burglar 2

Rawhide Rehab

Return of Jarda

Return of Rodovan 1

Return of Rodovan 2

Rigid Training 1

Rigid Training 2

School Inspection 1

School Inspection 2

Shovel Ride

Silent Night 1

Silent Night 2

Slut for Fun

Spa Treatment

Spanking Slim Boy

Stop Smoking

Summer Party gone wild 1

Summer Party gone wild 2

Summer Party gone wild 3

Total size: 452.0 MB in 4 files.

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