2009 Straighthell

Release Year: 2009
Studio: Straighthell

But the deeper I invade him, the louder and more desperately Lee pants and sobs. His burning arse cheeks add to the humiliating pain he’s experiencing, and he flinches and groans when I add a large glass buttplug to his overwhelming misery.
Unable to move or turn around, Lee just trembles when Dave sets up the ominous looking spanking machine behind him. But the beating Lee receives from the vicious automatic paddle soon has him yelling out in pain, his entire body tense with agony. Each stroke elicits a loud scream, and Lee’s incomprehensible, horrified sounds make my cock stiffen in my pants. No matter how desperately Lee screams at us, the cruel machine still continues its infernal work, laying stripe after stripe of crimson bruising onto Lee’s perfectly round arse cheeks.

Total size: 198.2 MB in 1 files.

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